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Question:      How can we replace the Chinese Way of learning English with a more effective method?

The Language Bridge Technology Android application gives adult learners a tool that turns off the natural habit of thinking in the native language. The application lets students start speaking before they have learned English. In the process of self-teaching, they acquire language patterns and intuitive grammar that makes it possible to think in English. The application removes the main barrier in learning a foreign language: it silences “the tyranny of the mother tongue” and allows training of English as a specialized skill by using subconscious learning. As they experience familiar situations exclusively in English, the learners acquire the ability to speak in English automatically without the need to translate what they hear and want to say to and from the native language.

"English is not a Foreign Language Anymore; It’s a Practical Skill Needed for Everyday Life"

Learners are surprised to discover that the subconscious, stress-free acquisition program is much more efficient than the Chinese Way of learning, and they virally spread information about the application that lets people acquire EFL skills quickly and easily.

In the next stage, helping learners train English skills expands to integrated learning: combining self-teaching and guided learning, using the same Android application. The teacher follows the same new method of acquiring EFL skills in online or face-to-face classes that the learner uses on his or her own.

Introducing integrated learning with simultaneous repetition of pre-recorded texts, which all students can do concurrently in the class, increases the time of active conversation in a class for each student 5-10-fold. Technically, it is quite possible: this website describes how it works.