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 Question:      Students with high TOEFL scores struggle with their language skills, according to this article 1 In 4 Chinese Students Drop Out Of Ivy Universities. Why?

Students use the latest text books and the most up-to-date language labs talk to their teachers and fellow students in class, engage in role playing and other activities directed by the trained teacher. However, the results are disappointing in the vast majority of cases. The traditional teacher-centered and grammar-based approach has not worked well as a learning model since students continue thinking in their native languages while trying to speak in English. This is nearly impossible to do smoothly and effectively.

Language Bridge Technology develops the habit of thinking in English. It uses integrated learning: combining self-teaching, using an Android application, and guided learning. A teacher follows in the classroom the same method, using the same LBT application, that learners use outside of class to acquire their EFL. These classes provide an unprecedented opportunity for EFL learners to speak 5-10 times more in their new language during a class session than they would in a conventional class.

Acquiring language skills by the LBT method is a subconscious process that forms an English speech center in the brain. LBT creates an environment for acquiring language patterns and intuitive grammar while the learners re-enact familiar situations exclusively in English. This opens in a learner the ability to express thoughts and feelings in English, without resorting to cross-translation into and back out of the native language.